Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Intro Part II

Hello again!

So I promised a bit about who I am, why I am writing this blog, and what to look for in the future.  As I type this, I am on my wife's laptop...hmmm, that didn't come out right.  No, I am not physically on the laptop, but I am typing using her get the idea.  Anyway, I hate typing on laptops because my fingers are too big for these keys.  Therefore, my first disclaimer of the blog is this...Due to the teeny tiny size of the keys, and my fat fingers trying to make words by tapping said keys, I am most likely going to make mistakes in this post.  Get over it. :)

Now that that is done...As you can see from looking at my profile, my name is Larry. I am a product of the eighties (yes, I wore parachute pants, had a mullet before they were in style, and liked Duran Duran), I married my childhood sweetheart (more on that later), and have a nine year old son. I have lived in multiple countries and states, and found something to love about each place.  I try to stay on the lighter side of life and always look for the good in people.  I believe in accountability, honesty, love, integrity, and the fact that one can never stop learning.  I believe a mistake is not a mistake if you learn the lesson from it.  I like to write, but often end up rambling as my ADD mind wanders from topic to topic faster than I can type...actually, it wanders faster than I can describe in words what it is that I am thinking about, most of the time!  But, I look at it as a creative flow and a colorful outlook on life (more on that later, too!).  I like to explore, try new things, and be amazed.  Fortunately, my son amazes me daily, sometimes because he makes me explore new ways to get him to do his chores!

This blog is an attempt to chronicle the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funnies of my life while raising my son.  Hopefully, the blog will make you laugh, maybe make you cry, get you to say aloud "Uh-huh, I know what you mean!" and maybe even provide some useful insight.  Heck, it might even help me be a better father.  Comments are always welcomed, suggestions will be considered, rudeness will not be tolerated (I'll put you in time-out), and clicking on the ads is always appreciated (they help pay the bills).  This blog may be, at times, sarcastic, snarky, silly, short, long-winded, hilarious, heart warming, sad, enlightening, and many other descriptive words that will come along as my son continues to grow into (hopefully) a fine young man.

This blog is a supplement to another writing forum I am participating in.  The link to that forum is here.  That is my paid reporting job - please check it out often for a different take on things.  That page is more formal, more of a how-to, and written as professionally as I possibly can be.  In other words, I won't be typing on the wife's laptop when I submit articles to that link!  If this blog directly relates to what I am writing on the other page, I will try to remember to post a link, but check it out randomly, because my ADD may kick in and I will forget what I was writing about and forget the link...

As for a little background about my son, I became his dad when he was four years old.  His mother (my childhood sweetheart) and I married in 2006 and a year or so later, his first dad died.  A father dying at any age is traumatizing enough, but for such a bright little guy, the inability to understand the whole concept has proven to be very difficult.  However, as I said, he is very bright and he is finding ways to make life more enjoyable, and as the days go by, the pain subsides and the laughter is coming back strong.  He is growing into a fine young man, and with any luck, my good traits (yes, I do have some) will pass on to him.  Now, I know that every parent says their child is bright, but we have tests to prove just how bright he is...all I am going to say is, uh-oh...if he ever figures out how to harness his abilities, I'm in big trouble!  If he and I ever have a battle of the wits, he will be frustrated since I came unarmed! 

So, what you can look for in the future is commentary on the day's events, short stories about previous happenings, things we have done, things he has said, things he has done and what we (my wife and I) have done in response.  As I said before, I hope to use this blog as a way to maintain my sense of humor and continue looking at the lighter side of life.  No matter how frustrating it may be, there is always a positive side.

Thanks for reading!  "See" you next time and please take a moment to say hey!

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  1. This is such a good idea !!! can't wait to hear more... vas-y ne lâche pas... ;-) Chrissy