Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Maybe it was that precise moment, or perhaps it was the visual I saw in my head after hearing what he said, or it could have been that I was just in that sort of mood to find this funny, but...

This may be more of an inside chuckle story, but I thought it was worth sharing.  Picture, if you will, my son and I driving home from school, listening to the radio (yes, the Internet radio...yes, in the car...and yes, to the Beatles station, per his request), and not much talking going on because we have the tunes cranked...not because the song was worthy of cranking to the max, but because the louder the radio plays, the less interference we get through the speakers, or rather, the less we notice it.  The constant high pitched shriek that varies only by how much gas pedal is being applied is enough to make your ears bleed, and to top it off, on a random basis, the speakers belt out some sort of rude gaseous-like discharged sound that can only be described as sounding like one long continuous fart...thankfully, the odor usually associated with such an event is not present, at least not for now.  So, now that the stage is set, let's get some history thrown in there so this story makes a little more sense to those not informed. 

When we lived in Oklahoma a few months ago, we had some wonderful neighbors who owned a female black lab dog.  This dog's name was/is Sadie.  We own a male black lab dog whose name is Guinness.  The only thing separating these two pups was a fence, and if we still lived there, that fence probably would not have kept these two love-pups away from each other much longer.  Naturally, being the male, it was Guinness' fault, but Sadie was pretty cute, so who can blame him for trying to tunnel his way under the six foot wooden structure?  So now that you have a little history, let's get on to the FSMSS...

My son - "Dad, what song is this?"
Me - "I dunno, let's check..."
I take the phone out of power save mode, and look at the screen.  The screen says, "Sexy Sadie, by the Beatles"
We both laugh because it is the Beatles and he did not recognize his favorite band...then he says..."I bet Guinness would think of Sadie if he heard this song."

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